NPR does Swedish “backlash” against Muslim migrants story

Another prescient post from Ann Corcoran, Malmo is a true no go zone today, even Swedish police avoid it, and Italy routinely turns away boatloads of migrants. The hapless Spaniards are forced to accept them by their still actively virtue signaling officials.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

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“Don’t touch my mosque!” (Stockholm)

“The Muslims want to change us!”

Finally the news is creeping into American mainstream media—Sweden is in turmoil because it has virtually opened its borders wide to any Muslim migrant who could get to that wonderful world—the generous socialist welfare state of Sweden!

From National Public Radio:

In the 1990s, the face of immigration to Sweden was someone like Robert Acker. His family emigrated from Bosnia when he was 6 years old.

“I got along with the Swedes early on,” he says in American-accented English from his years playing basketball in Kentucky and New York. “But now, I believe it’s a totally different thing.”

Acker lives in the southern Swedish city of Malmo, an industrial center that has become the power base for the far-right Sweden Democrats.

“They want us out,” says Acker. “They just want Swedes…

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1 Response to NPR does Swedish “backlash” against Muslim migrants story

  1. misterpaul5a says:

    What Europe is doing is importing Muslim ‘baby-making machines’ otherwise known as Somalian women, to provide, at a later date, an army of Muslims to defeat the West, without a shot being fired – thank God I am ‘long enough in the tooth’ not to be too depressed about this. All I know is that at last the UK has done at least SOMETHING to delay the inevitabilitynof a Muslim take-over by voting for Brexit – if we get our way then this will at least be delayed by our new immigration laws. Imagine at the Immigration Entry Point : Officer: Reason for coming to the UK?
    Answer: I am a Somalian ‘baby-making machine’ programmed by our Koran to establish a Caliphate in Europe. Officer: Oh, OK then – go directly to Social Services who will provide you with accommodation and financial assistance which will guarantee the success of your project. Oh, by the way – Allauh Akbar Sister! Ho, hum!

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